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About Oncu Global

We were founded in 2010 and commenced our operations. Although we are a young company, we have a diverse and experienced team with extensive expertise in various fields, including food, finance, aviation, automotive, construction, real estate, software technologies, human resources, and education, gained over many years.

With strategic partnerships in the United Kingdom, Turkey, the United States, Ukraine, we are able to provide services across a broad geographical area.


We are a team of experts specialized in investment, business, finance, law, and many other sectors. We provide strategic consultancy, legal support, and business process management to those looking to do business in the global markets. We are here to support our clients' success and help them grow.

Pre-Investment Consultancy

Pre-investment consultancy is a critical phase that guides you at the beginning of your business or investment project. Proper guidance is essential when taking important steps such as feasibility studies, business plan preparation, market research, financial analysis, and establishing correct and strategic partnerships.

Company Formations

We assist you in taking all the necessary legal and administrative steps to do business in international markets. We provide the consultancy needed to quickly establish your company in the relevant country and get started.

Financial and Fiscal Consultancy

We help you reduce financial and fiscal risks and increase your profit potential. By analyzing your financial data, we support you in establishing a solid financial foundation in compliance with the laws of each country.

Business Process Monitoring

We offer strategic consultancy to optimize your business processes and enhance efficiency. We provide solutions to manage your workflow more effectively.

Partnership Agreements

We assist in evaluating partnership opportunities and creating agreements that protect mutual interests. We contribute to establishing reliable and sustainable business relationships.

Legal Consultancy

We help you understand legal processes and comply with legal requirements. Our legal experts are with you to strengthen the legal groundwork of your business in accordance with the laws of each country.

Human Resources Consultancy

We help you improve your human resource strategies and hire the best talent. We offer expert guidance in personnel management and development.

Investor Visa Consultancy

We guide you in simplifying investor visa applications and preparing the necessary documents. We provide information about special visa programs for investors. The processes are tailored to the laws of each country.


We specialize in various industries such as Infrastructure and Construction, Food Industry, Technology and Software, Health and Medical Technologies, Aviation, and Automotive. We provide strategic guidance to our clients in each sector, helping them expand their businesses.

Infrastructure and Construction

We specialize in guiding your infrastructure and construction projects. From planning to implementation of large-scale construction projects, we provide guidance at all stages.

High-Demand Countries:

Food Industry

We support your growth and success in the food industry. We provide strategic consulting on food production, distribution, and marketing.

High-Demand Countries:
Ukraine, United Kingdom

Technology, Software, and Online Ventures

We offer consultancy to help your technology and software projects find their place and succeed in relevant countries. We facilitate connections for your online ventures with investors.

Healthcare and Medical Technologies

We provide tailored solutions for clients looking to grow in the healthcare sector and invest in new markets.

High-Demand Countries:


For companies seeking partners in the aviation sector, we provide consultancy in relevant markets. We cover all aspects of aviation projects, from planning to air transportation.

High-Demand Countries:
United Kingdom


We offer strategic solutions in the automotive industry. We provide consulting on car production, automotive technologies, and marketing.

High-Demand Countries:
United Kingdom

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